Tuesday, 16 August 2011

So what is there to unlike?

Unlike or unfollow, what does it mean?
It usually means that you are doing something wrong. It may not be your content, it could be frequency (too little as well as too much). Each of your followers will have different reasons for following you and it’s hard to keep them all happy.
It is OK to unfollow people. Those who list all of the accounts that unfollow them will soon find that they have very few followers left, this is a bit like shouting at someone in the street - rude and unnecessary.
My main reasons for unfollowing accounts are – too many posts that are irrelevant to my interests, too much shouting about a product or service and not joining in the conversation.  Only 30% of your tweets should be sales related, the remaining should be conversational or informative
Twitter is about building a network, I follow clients, peers, competitors, experts etc. I like to see how people respond to my posts and I try and respond to everyone who communicates with me. I thank those who retweet my messages, I reply to those who ask me questions, I give my opinions when I feel  they are relevant.
I do not try and sell my services in a direct manner, I will talk about work related skills in blog posts (just like this one) but what I am doing is trying to share some of my knowledge to help others gain some trust in my skills. At some point in the future if they need some social media training or a design campaign running then hopefully they will remember the pearls of wisdom that I have shared and pick up the phone and call me.