Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Are you doing your bit?

How many times have you avoided putting money in a charity donation tin, ignored someone in the street trying to get you to sign up to give regular charity donations, not bought a charity pin or raffle ticket, or not contributed to a charity bag collection? I hate to say it, but we've all done it - after all you couldn't possibly give to all requests for donations.

Because of the economic climate, (I know, I'm fed-up of hearing that phrase too!) the pressure has increased massively on charities who have suffered because cut-backs and budget slashing exercises. They are having to work harder than ever to secure vital funds needed to keep their crucial services and life lines alive.

At Mood we've found a way that we can donate to local causes without spending a penny - we donate our skills and services in a way that saves the charity time and money! We have been working with The Joshua Tree for almost 2 years now producing marketing material and providing social media training and advice. We have also attended fundraisers and even ran 5K in their fun run. We also recently helped out a local playgroup by producing literature for their charity ball.

Have a think about how as an individual or business you can help a local charity in your area - you might be strong and able to help move furniture, you may be good at financial planning or general office admin, you may have an hour to spare once a week to help plan an event or serve refreshments at a coffee morning. Whatever you can offer is going to make a difference to someone, and in our experience it can be really rewarding, socially beneficial and something to be proud of.

See a recent press interview we did here www.northwichguardian.co.uk/news/9778117.J

To find out more about The Joshua Tree visit www.thejoshuatree.org.uk