Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where’s the map?

Would you set out on a new journey without checking the map?
How would you know where you are going?
If you want to establish yourself in the world of social media you really need to have a plan.
Who are your target market? Will you find them on social media? Do you need to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? What do you want to say to them? How often do you plan to post?
So many questions, you really need a plan. A simple document, outlining a few details will help you stay on track and raise your profile.
Monday – Look for new people to follow. Comment on posts and respond.
Tuesday – Upload an image/video linking to business activity. Comment on posts and respond.
Wednesday – Look for questions to answer. Comment on posts.
Thursday – Comment on posts. Link to topical articles on the web.
Friday – #FF one or two trusted connections. Comment on posts. Close the week with a link to a blog post or to your website, this way if anyone looks you up over the weekend they are directed back to your own material for more information.
It really can be that simple. Give it a try you might just find you are much more productive once you have a plan to stick to.
Let us know how you get on and if you don't have the time then contact us and we can do it for you. @mooddesign

Monday, 10 October 2011

Are you an egg?

Do I really want to work with people who can’t be bothered to represent themselves properly?

Would you go to a networking event and wear a paper bag on your head?

Why do so many twitter users still use an egg as their avatar?

Your logo is slightly better but really I want to see who I’m talking to, this way when I get to meet you I have some idea of who I am talking to.

A photograph makes people more willing to communicate with you and it makes your communication more personal. Give it a go, you will find it easier to get more followers and to get others to join in your conversations.

It can also be an ice-breaker at networking events when you meet a follower or connection in person.

We look forward to seeing you.