Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Blogging - who, what, why and when?

We are often asked for advice by people wanting to start a blog, and these are the usual questions.

Who? - Who are your articles aimed at and where can you find them, this varies for nearly everyone I know.

What? – What are you going to blog about? Make it interesting and informative, this way people will return to read every post you write.

Why? – Why do people blog? People usually write to get known in their field of expertise. They share their knowledge and help others.

When? – When you have the time but people like regular posts, so we recommend every 2 to 4 weeks as a good starting point.

Our top blogging tips
  • Your title should always be a question – this will encourage others to read your post.
  • Posts should be between 200-300 words – any more and people will get bored and not read the whole article. Break longer articles into part 1 and part 2.
  • Always use at least 1 image per article – the web is very visual, the more visual your post the more it will appeal to readers.
  • Always finish with a question – this encourages responses to your post.
  • Post every 2 – 4 weeks and monitor. Too regular or too few posts may encounter unsubscribers.
  • Publicise your blog - every post needs promoting, use as many online platforms as possible.
  • Ask for feedback – this way you know if your articles are relevant.
  • Register with bloggers forums, this is a great way to get people engaged.
  • Make every post informative and useful.

Have you been inspired to starting blogging?