Monday, 10 October 2011

Are you an egg?

Do I really want to work with people who can’t be bothered to represent themselves properly?

Would you go to a networking event and wear a paper bag on your head?

Why do so many twitter users still use an egg as their avatar?

Your logo is slightly better but really I want to see who I’m talking to, this way when I get to meet you I have some idea of who I am talking to.

A photograph makes people more willing to communicate with you and it makes your communication more personal. Give it a go, you will find it easier to get more followers and to get others to join in your conversations.

It can also be an ice-breaker at networking events when you meet a follower or connection in person.

We look forward to seeing you.


  1. Yes, even better - a real photo of who you are. You will see an increase in followers. Great point at connecting with those locally too.

  2. Nice article Sharon :) Thanks for Your Tip & Changing My Perception...